Terms & Conditions

Accreditation Terms & Conditions

The International Quality Council gives qualified individuals a specific status. Qualified individuals can work closely with ICFQ ® to communicate knowledge to interested parties in parallel. The status includes the following:-

i). Accredited Training Providers(ATP)

ii). Accredited Corporate Partners(ACP)

The representatives carrying the above status must follow certain terms and conditions

Accredited Courseware:- The materials that the ATPs and ACPs utilize, which form a part of the accreditation, that is instrumental in imparting knowledge to the beneficiaries.
Acknowledging Party:- The individual who acknowledges these terms and conditions.
Scheme Of Delivery:- This involves the methods by which the courses are delivered to the aspirants.
Marks Usage: ICFQ ® authorizes the ATPs and ACPs to utilize the marks, which is to be done in accordance with the terms and conditions mentioned in the ICFQ ® marks usage policy.

The ATPs and the ACPs are not allowed to place the ICFQ ® certified marks, for their own certifications.

In case of the expiration of the accreditation the ATPs and the ACPs have to abstain from the following:-

i). The usage of the ICFQ ® marks in a direct/indirect manner.

ii). Implying that the ACP or ATPs has any relationship with ICFQ ®

An ATP or ACP has to attach the ICFQ ® accreditation badge to their websites or online professional networking profiles.

ICFQ ® carries the right to cancel the privilege of the ACPs and the ATPs to act as a proctor for the ICFQ ® certification exams if the exam results of the ACPs and ATPs deviate from the set norm (excessive scores or a match in the scores between examinees). In such cases, ICFQ ® will require from the ATPs and ACPs to make their students re-appear for a web-based exam

The ATPs and the ATPs acknowledge that the content of the ICFQ ® certification examination is owned by ICFQ ®, and therefore should not be copied, or utilized in any manner.