Accredited Trainers

Accredited Trainer

An Accredited Trainer is an instructor who delivers Lean Six Sigma training as a sole proprietor or as a contractor or an employee of an Accredited Training Organization or Accredited Corporate Partner and meets the ICFQ ® criteria to receive such designation.

Benefits Of Accredited Corporate Partner Program

a) Global Recognition

Becoming an Accredited Corporate Partner (ACP) helps organizations to train their employees on certifications, that holds global recognition.

b) Industry based certifications

The certifications are structured, based on the current industry requirements.

c) Expert-led content

Our training is designed by subject matter experts to provide a high level of competency with skills that can be instantly applied to any role.

d) Best in class trainers

The training sessions are provided by industry experts who possess years of experience in the field of Quality Management

e) Improved ROI

Investing in the learning and development of your staff increases productivity, reduces employee churn, and enhances customer engagement.