About Us

The International Council For Quality(ICFQ ®) is a global body constituted to address the issues on the path towards the achievement of quality. It aims at setting standards of quality and continually strives towards achieving the objective. As a board, it offers certifications that educate and enlighten individuals and organizations and prepare them for bigger goals.

The ICFQ ® courses are designed through thorough research and insights derived from subject matter experts in the industry.


We aim at growing and enhancing the Lean Six Sigma Profession by recognizing professionally qualified individuals and organizations. Also to continually research and characterize the criteria by which the industry recognizes qualified Lean Six Sigma practitioners. We provide certifications, that are designed with the guidance of industry professionals which facilitate in measuring an individual’s professional competencies, with respect to the industry standards.

It embraces and engages the community with a standard of excellence in true lean six sigma methods and tools. And support professionals and organizations to incorporate our Lean Six Sigma Knowledge System into their functioning. Make them knowledgeable about the strict ethical code defined in the ICFQ ® Professional Code of Conduct and ICFQ ® Accreditation.