Code of Conduct

ICFQ ®- Code Conduct

The International Council For Quality (ICFQ ®) is an organization that serves as a guardian to ensure the regular practice of introducing quality to businesses, according to the standards of six sigma. The connection with the body is substantiated proof, which makes it mandatory to comply with its code of conduct. Any member who falls into the umbrella of the ICFQ ® Code of Conduct must exhibit ethical conduct in their dealings with employers. customers, clients, and partners.

The ICFQ ® code of conduct helps to create certain expectations that hold good with the interests of the community and that all the members will solemnly show a sense of ownership to their actions, in the course of discharging their duties. A member will be subjected to detailed investigation, on showing the signs of a breach in the code of conduct. The member will be allowed to justify the action of the breach, failing in which, will lead to the subsequent suspension/termination of the ICFQ ® membership.