General FAQs

What is the significance of a certification ?

A certification serves in assessing the standards of professional endeavors. Getting certified is necessary as it provides testimony of trust and excellence. It helps the employers in making decisions regarding the hiring of an employee. For an employee, it serves as a catalyst for motivation, in gaining knowledge and expertise in a particular field.

What does a certification board aim at, through a certification program ?

A certification board provides opportunities to the employees in upskilling themselves and finding new paths in their professional lives.

Why ICFQ ® certification?

The International Council For Quality is a globally recognized certification body that aims at bringing in talented professionals into the quality domain.

What are the certification courses offered by ICFQ ® ?

ICFQ ® offers courses in Six Sigma which mainly include Green Belt, Black Belt, and Yellow Belt certification. The six sigma certifications are designed on the basis of various functional levels.

Can ICFQ ® be considered as a certification body?

The International Council for Quality is an organized body that provides certifications to organizations for providing training programs in lean six sigma. This facilitates the training providers in gaining trust in quality and excellence among the participants. ICFQ ® offers certification and accreditation services based on the already established norms. The certification is granted to individuals upon the successful completion of the exam.

Why is it important to have a certification body ?

Certification bodies are essential to foster trust and confidence in businesses and individuals. By being certified an organization will be able to position itself in the minds of the customers as an authentic body that is competent enough in their area of activities. It provides confirmation that a particular requirement with regards to a process has been met. Certification bodies render services to their customers based on the rules and provisions laid forward by the former. This helps in cementing the clarity of the process. ICFQ ® offers certifications in Six Sigma, specifically in Green, Black, and Yellow belts. All the levels of training are aligned with different functional levels in the organization.

What is the examination pattern for ICFQ ®. ?

The examination consists of multiple-choice questions, and the duration of the examination is 3 hours.

What are the eligibility criteria to appear for the exam ?.

The ICFQ ® certification examinations are conducted for assessing the level of understanding with regards to the six sigma body of knowledge.

FAQs On Certification Schemes

Does an ICFQ ® certification require renewal?

Yes, ICFQ ® certification needs to be renewed on a yearly basis. There is no fee involved for renewal.

How can I renew the ICFQ ® Certification?

The renewal of the certification can be done, by submitting an application for renewal at http://ICFQ.org/.

What are the modes of payment available for examination fees?

The examination fees can be paid through online mode.

Which ICFQ ® certification should I choose ?

ICFQ ® offers certifications to choose from, on Six sigma, you can choose on the basis of your skills, knowledge, and the level of authority you hold.

What is Six Sigma Certification?

ICFQ ® offers Six Sigma certifications, that are exclusively designed to educate you on the importance of quality in the achievement of organizational goals

How can I maintain my ICFQ ® certification ?

In order to maintain your ICFQ ® certification, you should renew it on a yearly basis.

FAQs On Exams

How can I reschedule my examination?

You should submit a request for rescheduling, along with the reason at http://ICFQ.org/.

How I can cancel my examination?

Cancellation of the examination can be done by submitting a cancellation request at http://ICFQ.org/.

Can I pay the examination fees in installments?

No, there is no option for a partial payment, the fee has to be paid in full, at the time of registering for the examination.

When will I get the results of my examination?

The results of the examination will be out, between 7-10 working days from the date of the examination.

Can I take the examination without a course?

Yes, you can take the examination without the course, however, we recommend opting through a training program, by an authorized training provider, though it is not mandatory.

Can I take the examination from my location?

Yes, you can take the ICFQ ® examination from your location, if you have a good internet connection, along with webcam enabled in your system.

FAQs On Partners

What is the need of the ICFQ ® Partner Program?

The ICFQ ® Partner Program facilitates corporates and training providers to reap the benefit out of the assessment based certifications that are recognized on a global platform, carving out goodwill for themselves.

How can I apply for ICFQ ® Partner Program?

You can gain more information on the eligibility to become a partner on the ICFQ ® website.

How can I apply for a certified ICFQ ® Trainer?

ICFQ ® trainer certification is a rigorous process of evaluating the candidate's knowledge, teaching experience, and other credentials. Trainers can only apply through registered partners. For more detailed information visit http://ICFQ.org/.