Lean Six Sigma Certification

About Six Sigma Training

Six Sigma is one of the most discussed topics when it comes to incorporating quality into the organization. As an expert’s opinion, Six Sigma is the most effective tool that can contribute significantly to realizing the quality objective. A demonstration of the fact is widely evident in today’s scenario, with most of the enterprises choosing experts in Six Sigma to join their workforce to make a difference.

The Six Sigma training comprises training and upskilling to suit different levels of functionality. A distinction is drawn between the various levels to show the change in the roles and responsibilities during the course of advancement. The six sigma training is classified as Green Belt, Black Belt, Yellow Belt, and Master Black Belt certifications. Each of the certifications demonstrates a different level of expertise.


1.Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

2.Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

3.Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt

4.Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt Professional


About Six Sigma Certification

The ICFQ ® Six Sigma Certifications aim at imparting knowledge on the various tools and techniques that helps in maintaining the set quality standards. The Six Sigma course consists of various levels of certifications, which are as follows:-

Green Belt Certification

Yellow Belt

Black Belt Certification:

Master Black Belt Certification

Six Sigma Course Objectives

The Six Sigma certifications will help in getting a clear picture of all the tools and methodologies that make the incorporation of six sigma into an organizational function, possible.

Who should choose for Six Sigma Certifications?

Graduate Freshers

Senior Professionals

Individuals who work in the field of quality.

Those who wish to make a career switch